Winchester Eye Specialists   

Dr. Frank Reuling, MD, Dr. Thomas Keenan, MD, Dr. Jaqueline Garringer, MD, Dr. Charles Stine, OD

About Winchester Eye Specialists

Winchester Eye Specialists: 3 Office Locations

Winchester Eye Specialists, widely known as Drs. Reuling and Keenan's office, has been Winchester's and its surrounding areas most comprehensive eye care and surgery practice for over 30 years. When Drs. Reuling and Keenan established their practice at the Cameron Street location in the 1970's, they instituted a standard of care above and beyond what our small town area has ever experienced. 

The backbone of the practice is the surgical experience which Dr. Reuling brings. His extensive years of experience and advancements in the treatment of cataracts have led to his name being recognized and respected throughout the area. However, there is much more to Winchester Eye Specialists than cataract surgical correction. The improvements that have been made in the Intra-Ocular Lens (IOL) over the last few years now enable many post-surgical patients to have a phenomenal reduction in their glasses dependence. 

Additionally, we perform general eye exams, which help with the early diagnosis of many of the non-symptomatic, progressive eye issues, such as Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration. However, many patients visit our office to have their vision corrected with glasses or contacts and, therefore, have an on-site Optical Shop at our Cameron Street location. The shop would allow you to have your eye exam and leave with your new glasses or contacts ordered during the same visit.