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Dr. Frank Reuling, MD, Dr. Thomas Keenan, MD, Dr. Jaqueline Garringer, MD, Dr. Charles Stine, OD

Exams, Cataract Surgery and Emergencies

Image of cataract


Cataracts are one of the leading causes of blurred vision as people age. Cataracts usually develops slowly and is painless. This is most often part of the normal aging process. Other factors may include excessive exposure to sunlight, inflammation, certain medications, family history, or trauma. In the early stages, the cataract is small and affects a small part of the natural lens. There are usually no perceivable changes in vision during this early star. As the cataract continues to grow the symptoms begin to affect the vision in various ways. 

These can include: 

  • Cloudy or blurry vision 
  • Difficulty reading small print 
  • Difficulty driving- especially at night 
  • Glare and halos around lights 
  • Frequent shifts in eyeglass prescriptions
  • Dimness or fading of colors
  • Distortion of vision in one eye more than the other 

Now providing two types of surgery- Traditional and Laser
Please watch our video below to learn more about Laser surgery.

Eye exam in progress

Routine Eye Exams 

Our team of doctors give routine eye exams to patients, typically on a yearly basis. It is recommended that patients who have medical conditions or experience visual problems have an exam completed annually so that their doctor can maintain the patients visual health. 

Ocular migraine symptom

Emergency Eye Care 

The doctors at Winchester Eye Specialists know and understand that emergencies arise and that there is a need for patients to be seen as soon as possible, even if they may be a new patient to the practice. If you should have an emergency situation where a problem arises with your visual health or the visual health of someone you know, our doctors are prepared to make every effort to see the patient as quickly as possible during that day.